The required notice to vacate your property depends on your current lease agreement.

  1. To vacate at the end of your current lease, 30 days notice in writing is required. 
  2. If your fixed term lease has expired and your lease is on a periodic basis, 21 days written notice is required.
  3. If you need to leave during a fixed term tenancy, you will "Break Lease" . A break lease form is required to be completed and there are some costs associated with this:
    • rent to be paid until a new tenant is secured or to the expiry of your tenancy, which ever is sooner.
    • advertising for a new tenant.
    • final inspection fee
    • tenancy database checks for new tenants
    • maintaining the property until a new tenant is secured or to the expiry of your tenancy whichever is sooner.

You can email your notice to - please note that your notice period is calculated from the day your notice in received.

Once we we receive your written notice we will commence the vacating process.

Please note that rent is charged until all keys / remotes are received in the office. All keys / remotes are required to be returned in person to our office with a forwarding address supplied.

Please return the property as outlined in the property condition report provided to you at the beginning of the tenancy. A carpet cleaning receipt from a professional carpet cleaner is required when returning your keys. 

Once the final inspection has been carried out we will be in contact in regards to any issues that may need attention.

To view the vacating checklist please click HERE

To advise our office in writing that you are vacating please complete the online form below:



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